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Having a clear pool is something that every pool owner strives for. This can be very difficult, or very simple depending on how much time you put into keeping the pool properly balanced. You can have all of your chemicals at the right levels and then fall off for a couple days and algae can develop that takes weeks to completely get rid of.

One way to help make it easier to make sure that there’s chlorine in your pool at all times, and prevent algae growth, is by using a chlorinator. Chlorinators generally get hard piped into your filter system. Sometimes they are installed with soft hoses, but what happens is the chlorine starts to eat away at the hoses over time. Once installed, you simply fill the chlorinator with chlorine tabs and let the filter run. Usually there’s a dial that you can use to adjust the amount of chlorine that is being put into the water. You can adjust the dial as needed after testing the water. The benefit of using the chlorinator as opposed to using a floating chlorine dispenser or just putting tabs in the skimmer basket, is that you can put more tabs in at once and you have more control on how much chlorine is being released. Shop here for yours now.

An alternative to a chlorinator is a mineral system. The Pool Frog Mineral System is one of the most popular brands on Long Island. These systems substitutes some of the chlorine with minerals that make the water softer on more sensitive skin. They get installed the same way into your filter system but use smaller chlorine tabs and a mineral pack that get released simultaneously.

You will always have to test the water regardless of your setup as you want to make sure the water is safe to swim in. But these are just two ways to make it easier to make sure there’s always chlorine in your pool.

If you’re interested in either of these suggestions please feel free to give our office a call at 631-981-0685 to set up your delivery and installation.

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