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backwashing your filter

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Backwashing is essential to keeping your pool clear and algae free during your pool season. You will know you need to backwash when you filter pressure gets too high. You are able to tell by reading the gauge or by simply placing your hand in front of the return. If you feel no water coming out of the jet you know you need to backwash. Sometimes the pressure gauge can be broken and you don't even notice so we usually recommend to feel the pressure coming out of the return.

There are different ways to backwash depending on which type of filter you have. If you have a D.E. filter you need to start by opening the shut off valve at the bottom of your filter. Once this is open water will start to pour out; Now you can start to bump the handle up and down. You should see clumps of D.E. starting to come out. You can turn the pump on and bump the handle a few times, turn it off and bump it a few times. Continue this process until you see only clear water flowing out of the shut off valve. You now should have removed most of the D.E. from your filter and are ready to add more and start filtering your water again.

If you have a sand filter, first, make sure to shut the pump off. Turn the handle on the filter to backwash and turn the filter back on. You may start to see green algae water coming out of the backwash which is normal; This is what you are cleaning your filter from. Keep running the pump while on backwash until water coming out is clear. Once clear, shut the pump off and turn handle to rinse. Run the pump while on this setting for about 30 seconds and shut the pump down one last time to move the handle back to filter. Start running the pump again and you should now have full pressure and a clean filter.

Cartridge filters are the most simple as you really do not even have to backwash. The only way to clean this filter and regain proper pressure, is to thoroughly clean the cartridge. To do this you make sure you plug up, or engage your shut off's, both the skimmer and the return. This is so that when you take the cartridge out, you do not loose any water. Now use a garden hose or pressure washer to clean the cartridge and replace. Unplug, or open valves, and turn the filter back on.

Depending on how much algae, or how dirty the pool is, may affect how much you have to backwash. Meaning that you may have to backwash more than once or twice if you have a severe algae problem. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us so we can help.


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