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At Sparkle Pool Service our season workers handle everything from start to finish.  Whether you purchase an above or semi in-ground pool we handle it all.  From leveling, to full excavation, backfill, and dirt removal.  When booking,  any one of our secretaries will guide you on the step by step process, so that by the end you have all the information needed to feel confident and comfortable in your upcoming installation.  After taking care of the ground, a qualified crew will put your pool together top to bottom so that at the end all you have to worry about is filling the pool.  Here at Sparkle we pride ourselves on quality and compassion, and strive to make every install go as smoothly as the last.  Call today to book your install.


Pool Repairs & Liner Changes

Sparkle Pool Service does not only build pools from bottom up, we can repair almost any pool hit by disaster.  From trees falling in storms, walls caving in, to simply rust in your pool walls.  If your pool has been damaged in any way, call Sparkle Pool Service.  Let us help you repair your pool and bring it back to life.

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